Jim O'Brien, Committee Member

Hello I'm Jim. I had a stroke in 2005 whilst in hospital for an operation to clear an artery. My stroke has left me with left side weakness so I am unable to walk unaided or use my left hand. Before my stroke I was employed as a postman and lived with my wife Jill in Crewkerne. We are both Londoners by birth and prior to moving to Somerset lived and worked in Spain. We both worked in restaurants in Puerto Banus, Marbella. We are both very keen cooks and are constantly trying to outdo one another to see who is the best. I think it is best summed up by saying women cook but men create eating experiences.


Anne Richards, Treasurer

Hi I'm Anne. After 25 years of living In the Middle East my husband Doug and I came back to settle down in our house in Devon. We eventually moved to Dorset where we both worked part time in a leisure centre. In March 2006 we went to attend the commonwealth games, and to stay with friends in Australia on what was to be our holiday of a lifetime. As we approached the gates of the games on finals night my husband Doug collapsed on the floor we knew right away it was a stroke. Facial expression, lack of arm movement, he couldn’t speak and then it was time to dial 999 just as the F.A.S.T posters tell us. Fortunately for us we were surrounded by St Johns ambulance people because of the games Doug had immediate attention. It was 18 months later that we heard about Dorchester Social Stroke Club. If you or a member of your family have suffered a stroke and need to be with like minded people, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will be made to feel very very welcome.


Maureen (Mo) Whitfield, Committee Member

Hello I'm Mo.  I have worked at the local hospital for 30 years as a Health Support Worker. Over the years I have met many people that have suffered a stroke and their families. My husband had a stroke/ TIA 10 years ago and recovered.  He retrained in computer work and is in full employment.

Committee Members

Jackie Sherfield BEM, Founder and Organiser

Hello I'm Jackie. My husband, John, had a few mini - strokes (TIAs) before his first stroke in 1996 at the age of 51.  His second stroke in 2000 stopped him working and his third, in 2004, stopped me working.  There is no doubt that stroke is life - changing - for the survivors and carers - but it certainly isn’t game over, unless you let it be. I have been involved in half a dozen stroke clubs and speech groups and the experience has been life enhancing.  I have met inspired leaders, great volunteers, dedicated professionals, devoted carers and, of course brave survivors - all working to beat the aftermath of stroke, while having a good time together and supporting each other. I have lived, worked and travelled in many countries and have had a fantastic life, but nothing has given me more satisfaction than seeing stroke club members simply enjoying each others’ company and forming self - supportive links and friendships that prove to them and to me that there is a life after stroke. If your life has been touched by stroke in any way, join a Stoke Club - you will never regret it.

 Dorchester Social Stroke Club
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